ValenciaNannies is The Babysitter Services of Valencia! Through a special selection procedure and personal intake, we make the right match between Nanny and family.

Work method

ValenciaNannies doing more than just babysit: The nannies prepare fresh meals, bring children safely to and from school or clubs and proactively help out in the household. But above all they are dedicated and sweet to your children!

ValenciaNannies strives to provide an experienced Nanny from a reliable network of Nannies who contribute to the well being and nurture of your children.


ValenciaNannies works with a reliable network of Nannies. A new Nanny can only be referred by a current ValenciaNanny. ValenciaNannies has its own selection system, which guarantees reliable Nannies.

New nominees are invited for an intake interview. During this interview, the Nanny’s babysitting experience is checked by range of specific questions. Extra attention is paid to experience with children under the age of two. All references are always followed up on. After this screening selection she may call herself a real ValenciaNanny.


ValenciaNannies are highly educated and have years of experience with babysitting. The Nannies van ValenciaNannies also receive a Course Child First Aid. The ValenciaNanny are happy to help with the household; they do shopping, cooking and light household work


During the intake interview with the family at home, will get to know the family members and ensure what they think is important in the up bring of their children. ValenciaNannies creates a family profile so that the Nanny knows what is expected of her services when hired.

ValenciaNannies strives to ensure that the same Nannies go to the same family as often as possible. This ensures trust and continuity for both parents and the children. In addition, we find it important to keep regular personal contact with our Nannies and the parents, so that we ensure mutual trust and understanding.

ValenciaNannies works mainly with students, making their availability depending on their study schedule.

Other Services

Besides taking care of your children at home, ValenciaNannies has a wide range of services that help you and your family during those precious moments and events in your life. The well being and upbringing of your children in a safe and fun environment is our goal!

See below the services of ValenciaNannies!


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