Enthusiastic, flexible, enterprising and experienced!

ValenciaNannies is more than just a babysitter service. I am convinced that there are many benefits of having someone in your own home, taking care of our most precious ones.

My name is Sigrid van der Spoel, I am from Dutch origin, married to a Spanish man and live in Valencia. We have a beautiful 2 year old daughter, and ever since she was born, you realize what you want to expect from a good babysitter. Our children mean everything to us and you do not leave them in the care of “just someone”, apart from family and friends. Myself being an expat mom, means that most of my relatives live far away and for a lot of families here this is no different. This gave me the idea that I wanted to start an intermediary where the emphasis is on the reliability and quality of its team of Nannies.

My role is to ensure that I am present at all intakes with the families that entrust us with the care of their children, to get to know their routines, rules and the needs of their children. Once this process is done, my most important part of the job is to ensure a match between the family and the Nanny. The nannies are thoroughly screened and checked with previous references. Furthermore all of the Nannies are come forth of our own existing network. Valencianannies wants you to feel comfortable and safe with the selection of Nannies.

I am convinced that with the right Nanny, your child is treated with the care and love and attention it deserves. 

Thank you for considering ValenciaNannies!!


Sigrid van der Spoel


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