Nanny to Learn

A Nanny who helps kids with their homework

In classes at school today it is often busy and a lot of children find it difficult to ask questions when they do not fully understand the material. To ensure children learn at their best capacity, sometimes it is required that they get some individual support at your home.

The Nanny helps to make their homework by taking a positive approach and encouraging children to come up with the right answers themselves. 

They will go over the learning experiences with a child to ensure there is an additional focus on those areas that need a little more attention. The nannies can test whether the school material is understood and explain the assignments in a way that is appropriate to the level of the child. 

In addition the nannies can also learn the children to speak English as most of the ValenciaNannies are affluent in the English language.

Nannies are available at the same time every week or sporadically at times that the children need a little more assistance.

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